$129.99 USD

What’s a fighter’s greatest asset both in and out of the ring? Yes, your fists may do all the talking, but maintaining a level head is the secret to dominating. That’s why a sturdy head guard with total visibility is one of the most essential pieces of boxing gear to include in your gym kit.

With its Neo gel fusion technology and innovative open-face design, the Orion Gel Face Open Head Guard provides shock protection capabilities as well as maximum visibility. High-profile padding on your brow, cheeks, and temples helps to keep your head guard in place, meaning you won’t have to worry about being knocked around when training or sparring. 

But is it breathable? Alongside boasting superior airflow through its open-face design, the Orion Head Guard is also fitted with a Japanese Amara inner lining to offer fighters with peak comfort and air permeability. The Orion Gel Face Open Head Guard’s premium leather outer layer also provides maximum durability, a signature feature across all Sting boxing gear.