$69.99 USD

The Armaplus is Sting's signature glove, designed for comfort, speed and safety. Whether you’re combo training with mitts, bags, or with a fellow fighter in the ring, the Sting Armaplus Boxing Glove is designed to keep you throwing jabs for a lot longer. Enjoy optimal hand and wrist comfort when training with the Armaplus Boxing Gloves’ anatomically designed square shouldered mould.


  • NEW Anatomically designed square shouldered mould for perfect fit and feel 
  • High Performance lightweight T3 material manages moisture and temperature control
  • Hi Flow Core system for weight management, comfort and performance
  • Patented floating liner reducing wear increasing comfort and cushioning during use
  • Shock absorbent system reduces impact fatigue

The Hi-Flow Core system provides even weight management for peak performance, with additional shock absorbent design qualities to reduce impact. The Armaplus’ lightweight T3 material provides superior moisture wicking for fighters who go hard.

Added breathability through design ensures that fighters can use their Armaplus Boxing Gloves for a lot longer without having to worry about sweaty gloves and post-training odours.